Welcome to my children's clothing shop. I am the creator of the designs that embellish all the clothing. Through the use of dye, lace, fabric paints, inks, stencils, stamps and assorted trims, I create one of a kind, special and unique pieces for tiny gents and ladies. They are fun, happy and beautiful all at the same time! Because they are one of a kind, they are only available in the size shown. As with all clothing, manufacturer sizes will vary. If you are looking for perfection, you sure won't find it here. Dyes, paints, inks, etc, are not always easily controlled, and spots may happen. This is characteristic of those mediums, and add to the character of the handmade piece. If that is acceptable to you, then this is the fun shop that will bring a smile to your little ones face.

   I have also included in this collection, my handmade Hard Maple wood teething ring. The wood is certified organic maple, and the fabric is certified organic cotton.